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As we mentioned in Episode 11, there were no cameras allowed at the foster home when we went to pick up Dagim (by the way, we are changing his name to Deacon and Dagim will be one of his middle names – so I’ll probably start referring to him as Deacon)… So, since there were no cameras, here is a little recap of how it went…

4 Responses to “Episode 12 – The foster home”

  1. Great post/video, I’ve been WANTING more and I love it!! Wish I could give you all hugs & kisses but these will have to do for now – xoxoxo.

    Aunt Sue

  2. Ditto to Aunt Sue! I was checking at least every hour yesterday! Thank you guys so much for taking the time and sharing with us. Looking forward to the next episode.

    Aunt Debi

  3. We are so excited for you guys! The kids can’t wait to meet him. We’ve watched the previous video too many times to count. When Ryen sees Decon she says “Cool Dude, Cool Dude!” and Ethan and Avery can’t wait till you’re all home!

    hugs and kisses


  4. I agree with Debi…thank you for taking the time to share these videos will all of us. I’m guessing by now you are home. I can’t even imagin what a sweet meeting it was when you were finally able to introduce Deacon to Beck and Drew. We haven’t even met them but getting to know them through pictures we can tell that they will be an awesome big brother and sister to their new little brother. God is so good!!!! Love you!

    Hillis Clan

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