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After returning to the states Mike Kenyon and I started meeting, talking and praying about what a feature documentary might look like about the planned Congo Unites Future Leaders Conference in July 2014.  We started getting really excited about the story that God was calling us into.

After a few months of planning and assembling a small, passionate team of people that are behind the project – we have begun.  We worked out our budget for the film which is about $150,000.  After careful consideration we decided to raise $50,000 on IndieGoGo – a crowd-funding site.  That campaign started today, December 12th and we are hoping to raise the $50,000 in 50 days.  The $50K will allow us to get started on the production of the film.  Actually, it’s probably better at this point to send you over to the web-site so you can see the 5-6 minute video that we did for the campaign where you can hear Prashan, Camille & Esther and Mike and I give you a little more info on the movie and the fundraising campaign.




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