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(L-R: Shireesh, Ken, me, Shaban)

So here’s the thing.  Once I got cleaned up and started doing my job as Director of Photography – I desperately needed some help.  Enter Shaban, the guy in the yellow shirt above.  This guy knew exactly what he was doing and was such a kind, teacher.

But here is the real thing… heading into Kibera, the sights and sounds and smells were pretty overwhelming.  It’s worse than I could have imagined.  I am not sure that I consciously was having any anxiety about getting close to the people that I was working with, but it would not have been out of the realm of possibility – they lived in Kibera, many with few clothes and no shoes – maybe somewhere in my subconscious – I was feeling uncomfortable with the prospect of getting close to these people.  Well guess what, before we could hardly get started, I fall into a hole, get bloody and covered in sewage.  Who is the one who is smelly, dirty and no one would want to be around.  Well, guess where my teacher was for the next couple hours – right next to me, often times with his arm around my shoulder helping hold the camera and even cheek to cheek a couple times – and I smelled… really bad – I didn’t like smelling myself.  It was incredibly humbling experience as I felt uncomfortable, being so smelly and dirty having anyone working near me or close to me.  It didn’t really hit me until later that night, back at the hotel as I threw away my shoes, socks and jeans – how well Shaban and his FJ team treated me with such love and care, regardless of the state I was in.  Wow.  Thank you Shaban.


(me and Shaban getting the shot)

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