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(L-R: Matt Olthoff, Mike Kenyon, me & Kyle Zimmerman)

Wow… what an amazing opportunity that I had to go to Kenya and be a part of the Fearless conference.  I also had a chance to work with my friend Ken Oloo, who runs Filamujuani, which means Films in the Sun.  I also had a chance to see some other front line ministries that we support like Eco-Post that I mentioned in the story below, “Waste is not Waste until it’s Wasted”.

Other than working with Ken and some of the other front-line ministries that we support I had the chance to meet, speak with, listen to and learn from some amazing people.  Prashan De Visser from Sri Lanka, Camille & Esther Ntoto from the Congo among many others.  What a privilege – I’m so grateful for the experience and the relationships.

So before I post anything else about my trip – I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who supported me, both financially and through prayer and encouraging words and notes.

Thank you – and more stories from Kenya coming soon.


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