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After a quick stop at the hotel to drop off our bags we were quickly on our way to meet and spend some tim with one of the frontline ministries that we support.

This video is a quick look at our visit with Lorna Rutto, a former bank executive who, on a giant leap of faith left her executive job to start an organization called EcoPost, which recycles plastics to make aesthetic, durable and environmentally-friendly plastic lumber for everything from fencing to landscaping. She cited the story of Abraham and how he didn’t know where he was heading, but he had tremendous faith. God showed him the way and provided. Lorna personifies that kind of faith. As she stated, “… by praying together and by the grace of God” she now employs over 500 Kenyans, and she hopes to employ up to 5,000 within the next year. She is not only working to protect and preserve our environment; she is creating job opportunities showing that serving isn’t about being self-serving, and that “waste is not waste until you waste it.” Today was a powerful example of redemption. The Kingdom of God is not about pride or gain; it’s about restoring what was broken to make it whole again.

The entire process starts with people pulling the plastic bags and other plastic materials out of the dump and selling those materials to EcoPost.  We started off with a visit to the dump and then spent quite a while working at the EcoPost factory.

Enjoy the video and more to come soon…

Waste is not waste until it’s wasted from doug moss on Vimeo.

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