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this blog is for those who would like to learn more about what is going on with our family - and in particular - the growth of our family through the process of international & domestic adoption…

Well it took a little while to get together but here it is… episode 16, our trip home… enjoy

6 Responses to “Episode 16 – Our trip home”

  1. Darrin, Luke, and I sat around the computer (the girls were at church and will watch later. Of course, I cried. We all want to meet your kids so bad and see you. This is so amazing. Thank you for sharing this experience with us through pictures and video. Love and miss you.

    Hillis Clan

  2. Love this video!! Love you guys!

    Aunt Sue

  3. I finally got to sit and watch all the videos. We are so happy for your family! Deacon is so beautiful and fits right in! God is so Great!!

    Lagestee Family

  4. The videos were awesome, so glad you decided to do them! Deacon is adorable and drew and beck got soo big! oh my goodness. You know what this calls for??? A trip to cali for dana haha, i miss you guys!
    love you so much

    dana lagestee

  5. Hey guys! Melanie just forwarded me this blog, and I am SO glad she did! I had no idea that you guys were adopting! How awesome! Your kids are just adorable! So happy for you guys!


  6. Moss Fam,
    What a great journey with a wonderful ending! I just recently got to see this. We are so happy for all of you. Congratualtions on the new addition of your son! Welcome to the family, Deacon!

    Julie Edlund

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